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Wiseco Replacement Piston (Individual Piston)

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Wiseco Nissan VQ35DE Replacement Piston

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Professional Series forged racing pistons from Wiseco are no-expense-spared pistons designed for the serious racers and builders. Packed full of custom-level performance and durability features and provided with premium rings, Professional Series pistons are designed and built for use in heavy to severe duty race builds. Remove your limits with Wiseco’s Professional Series.

  • Engineered, forged, and machined in the USA from 2618 aluminum for improved tensile strength
  • ArmorGlide® Skirt Coating: seizure resistant, friction reduction, and quieter operation
  • Fully machined crown features
  • Precision ring grooves, anti-detonation groove, and additional ring seal improving features
  • Forced pin oiling
  • Designed and built to withstand heavy to severe duty performance applications