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Tial Wastegates

Tial Q 50mm Blowoff Valve

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Tial Q 50mm Blowoff Valve

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This standard TiAL 50mm BOV allows your engine to produce more power and torque by eliminating the unwanted boost pressure. This eliminates heat soak and reduces supercharger clutch wear. It also makes sure you get rid of any significant RPMs at idle/normal use without worrying about damaging other components.

With countless hours of R&D (research and development) by TiAL’s engineers, this is now the highest flowing BOV on the market. Offering a variety of good quality springs for different vacuum levels and one specially made just to deal with supercharged vehicles, this product delivers as promised. We’re proud to offer the latest generation of TiAL blow-off valve products.

  • The body and all internal components are CNC-machined from 6061 aluminum alloy. It features a large 50mm valve with a dedicated valve stem/valve seal.
  • An aluminum or mild steel weld base mounting flange is furnished with each unit. Stainless Steel hardware is available at additional costs for total supercharger reliability and durability. The use of 6061 aluminum allows the housing to be anodized with a selection of colors.
  • Flows a staggering 60% fuel ratio more than the original design - that means 60% more air is blown off in the size valve flow! This is the highest flowing BOV on the market.
  • Quick actuator response.
  • A single Q BOV can support up to 1,800hp
  • -2 psi spring for supercharged applications
  • Spring Pressures: -2psi, -6psi, -8psi, -10psi, -11psi, -12psi
  • Thread: M10 x 1.0