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Stillen VQDE Expanded Oil Pan

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Stillen VQDE Expanded Oil Pan

VQDE Engines Only

Oil supply and capacity are critical when pushing your VQ35DE engine to extremes. If your oil pickup draws air due to not having sufficient oil supply catastrophic engine failure will ensue.

STILLEN's High Capacity Oil Pan ensures that your VQDE equiped Z or G has an ample supply of oil. This upgrade allows for an additional quart of oil. The extra capacity will allow your VQ to run more efficiently. Our design expands into the available space below the engine, while keeping the bottom of the oil pan above the floor of the front subframe.

STILLEN's aluminum pan has cooling fins cast into it allowing heat to dissipate more effectively. An oil pump pickup extension is provided and new hardware is provided to attach everything to the engine. This simple, effective upgrade can be completed with normal hand tools. Complete instructions are provided.

Combine the Stillen High Capacity Oil Pan with an oil cooler and you have a comprehesive cooling solution for your oil system that keeps your VQ35DE's oil temperatures and capacity at optimal levels.

Features & Benefits

  • Cast and Machined Aluminum Oil Pan
  • Helps Extend the Life of Your Engine
  • Increases Oil Capacity by 1 Quart
  • Easy Installation With Basic Hand Tools and Includes Permatex Gasket Maker
  • Extension For Oil Pump Pickup Included