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Radium Engineering

Radium Engineering Submersible Flexible Fuel Tubing

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Radium Engineering Submersible Flexible Fuel Hose 

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These fuel tubing kits are commonly used for plumbing in-tank submerged fuel pumps. The flexible convoluted tubing is manufactured from polyamide nylon and is therefore resistant to all fuel types including alcohol blends such as E85 and suitable for EFI fuel pressure.

Many fueling issues are caused by ruptured or compromised fuel tubing that cannot withstand gasoline or ethanol exposure.  As traditional hoses are exposed to gasoline or ethanol they degrade over time and become weak and rupture due to fuel pressure causing fuel supply shortages and lean conditions.  

Further, traditional rubber hose does not bend and will kink causing fueling bottlenecks  at the pump.  Radium Engineering has solved that with this tubing the is fully resistant to gasoline and ethanol and will bend without kinks.  At less than $20 per unit many serious race teams buy multiple hoses and keep them on hand incase they replace pumps or need additional tubing on-hand due to unforeseen conditions.  

Note: Most AEM Fuel Pumps are 5/16” diameter