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RS-R Evans Nissan GT-R TI2000 Down SUS Springs2009+

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Weight:-36 lbs
Dimensions:- 16 × 14 × 8 in

Part#: N350TD
Compatibility: 2009+ Nissan GT-R
Chassis code: R35

Approximate Drop:
Front -20mm to -25mm (-0.8inch to -1.0inch)
Rear -20mm to -25mm (-0.8inch to -1.0inch)

Spring Rates:
Front 16.60kg/mm
Rear 8.57kg/mm

Parts Information

Make Model  Year
nissan GT-R  2009
nissan GT-R  2010
nissan GT-R  2011
nissan GT-R  2012
nissan GT-R  2013
nissan GT-R  2014
nissan GT-R  2015
nissan GT-R  2016
nissan GT-R  2017
nissan GT-R  2018
nissan GT-R  2019
nissan GT-R  2020
nissan GT-R  2009


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