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Jim Wolf

JWT 350Z AND G35 Twin Turbo Systems

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Nissan moved the bar miles ahead with the introduction of the 350Z in 2003, only to be criticized for it’s limited power. No other boosting solution combines the reliability, performance, and throttle responsiveness of this system. This system is complete requiring no other modifications to deliver an additional 125WHP and much more with additional JWT upgrade stages.

350Z, G35, FX35.


JWT originally designed this kit as a feasibility study in conjunction with Garrett and Infiniti’s product planner at the time. The kit is designed around the O.E. criteria for reliability, no boost lag, and safe but significant power levels. The JWT Twin Turbo Kit has accomplished this and more over thousands of miles of reliable track and street use since it’s release. All critical airflow junctions use application specific castings to maximize flow and eliminate boost lag. Turbo outlets have isolated waste paths to improve turbine efficiency. JWT has combined high efficiency Garrett GT Ball Bearing Turbos, Garrett charge cooler cores ( 700+hp rated) with over 300 individual parts, to create the most complete and reliable bolt on forced induction system available for Nissan and Infiniti VQ35 vehicles. (Offroad use only) PART NO. FOR 03-06 G35 BASE KIT - WG353--530SF CALL FOR INFORMATION ON TUNER & EXTREME OUTPUT SYSTEMS FOR FULLY BUILT ENGINES. (619) 442-0680