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Radium Engineering Fuel Hanger

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 Fuel Hanger 

The Radium Engineering fuel hanger completely replaces the factory in-tank fuel pump unit in the R35 GT-R and permits up to three 39mm diameter aftermarket pumps (brushed or brushless) to supply fuel to the engine. No permanent vehicle modifications are required for installation. The pumps are housed in an aluminum collector box that is kept full during operation. This ensures that fuel starvation does not occur, even during aggressive driving. The fuel pump outlet port is -10AN ORB female threaded, while the return port is -8AN ORB female threaded. The system is compatible with alternative fuels such as methanol, ethnaol, E85, etc. Radium Engineering recommends reviewing the installation instructions (link above) before purchasing.

-Drop-In OEM Replacement
-Permits 1, 2, or 3 Pumps
-Fuel Starvation Protection
-Integrated 1-Way Fill Valve
-High Current Electrical Hardware
-Compatible with Various Pumps
-Anodized Aluminum Construction
-10AN ORB Threaded Outlet Port
-8AN ORB Threaded Return Port
-6-Hole Fuel Return Diverter
-Anodized Aluminum Collector Box
-Fuel Resistant Tubing and Wiring
-OEM Hard Line Compatible
-Stainless Steel Hardware
-Gasoline, Methanol, and Ethanol Compliant


The GT-R saddle bag style fuel tank uses two OEM venturi jet pumps. They supply fuel from both sides of the tank to the OEM pump bucket and are driven by fuel returning from the regulator. When the fuel pumps are upgraded, these venturi jet pumps become a restriction in the return line, resulting in elevated fuel pressures and unreliable regulator performance. By reconfiguring the venturi jet pump plumbing, Radium Engineering has kept their functions without impacting the returning fuel from the regulator. This allows the pumps to be upgraded without fuel pressure concerns.

1. Depending on fuel pressure, the venturi jet pumps will consume 15-45 LPH. Take this fuel loss into consideration when sizing the fuel pumps.
2. If it is important for fuel pressure to hold steady after the engine is shut down, install one of these CHECK VALVES somewhere in the fuel system.

In addition to the venturi jet pumps scavenging fuel, the pressure regulator return also keeps the large collector box filled with fuel. Additionally, the Radium Engineering system incorporates a 355LPH one-way fill valve integrated to the bottom of the collector box that allows fuel in, but not out. All of the components work together to keep the collector box filled with fuel and prevent fuel pump starvation.

To clear the OEM fuel pump cover plate, the standard fuel hanger kit includes low profile swiveling adapters that convert to 6AN male, along with short PTFE hoses and adapters for easy connection to the OEM fuel piping. Other adapter fittings are available and are sold separately.

FILTRATION: Sock filters are used on all fuel pump inlets. Since the fuel hanger eliminates the non serviceable post pump filter, an aftermarket filter is required to be installed downstream (see 20-0551-0X Fuel Hanger Feed Kits below).

The Radium fuel pump hanger features custom designed stainless electrical studs that easily handle the high current demand that multi-pin bulkhead connectors lack. These serviceable connections are hermetically sealed and impervious to all standard and exotic fuels. Non conductive anodized aluminum acorn nuts are provided to prevent any accidental short circuiting. Electrical hardware is included for the fuel pump(s) and OEM sensors. Furthermore, the in-tank wiring is insulated with high quality chemically resistant ETFE. The factory temperature sensor and fuel level sender is reused.

The factory GT-R fuel pump hanger utilizes two fuel pumps. In some cases, two aftermarket pumps can use the OEM wiring. However, custom wiring will be necessary to control a third pump.
Fuel pump wiring is specific to which fuel pump(s) is used and which trigger strategy will be implemented. See the general recommendations below:

Traditional Brushed Fuel Pumps
Radium Engineering offers this fuel pump hanger system pre-assembled with dual or triple AEM 50-1200 or Walbro GSS342 (255lph) pumps.
It is also available with "no pumps included" which requires the installer to provide their own pumps and perform final assembly.
Other makes/models of pumps can be used assuming they have the same fitment, form factor, and electrical connection as the aforementioned Walbro/AEM pumps.
CLICK HERE for information on fuel pumps carried by Radium Engineering.
NOTE: The larger Walbro E85 pumps (F90000267/274/285/295) are not compatible with this product.

Brushless Fuel Pump Systems
For vehicles with high fuel demands, a brushless fuel pump system may be a good option. This Radium in-tank hanger system is compatible with up to three Ti Automotive E5LM brushless fuel pumps.
A brushless fuel pump requires a separate stand-alone controller. At the release of this product, there are two options for E5LM pump/controller kits:
-Injector Dynamics ID-BPC-1100
-Ti Automotive BKS1001 (shown below)

Radium Engineering does NOT offer these pumps pre-assembled. This must be performed by the installer.

If selecting the option "Pumps Included", the kit will come partially assembled. P/N: 20-0553-03 kit contents shown below. The assembly is completed during the installation process.

If supplying your own pumps, select the option "Pumps Not Included". The kit will come partially assembled (20-0552-00 kit contents shown below). There will be enough components included with this option to run up to 3 fuel pumps.
With the brushless pump version, check valves are supplied so that multiple Ti Automotive E5LM pumps can be used without back-flow between pumps.

A popular fuel pump strategy is to use both brushed and brushless pumps together (depicted below). In this case, the most cost effective solution is to purchase the following:
P/N: 20-0550-00, Qty: 1
P/N: Ti Automotive BKS1001, Qty: 1 or 2 depending on how many brushless pumps will be used.
P/N: 20-0598, Qty: 1 or 2 depending on how many brushless pumps will be used.
P/N: 14-0543, Qty: 1 or 2 depending on how many brushless pumps will be used.
P/N: Walbro GSS342 or AEM 50-1200, Qty: 1 or 2 depending on how many brushed pumps will be used.
P/N: 14-0143, Qty: 1 or 2 depending on how many Walbro GSS342 pumps will be used. These are NOT needed for AEM 50-1200.


NOTE: The fuel hanger feed kit is compatible in LHD (left hand drive) vehicles only.

If installing a Radium in-tank fuel hanger with high-flow aftermarket pumps, the stock R35 fuel lines may not be sufficient. The fuel hanger feed kits include everything required to connect all 20-055X-0X Radium fuel hangers directly to Radium fuel rails. It comes with new PTFE feed lines and re-uses the factory feed line as the return for the regulator.
When selecting a feed kit, first choose the filter element type. Stainless steel elements can be cleaned and re-used, while microglass provides better filtration efficiency, but cannot be re-used.

Because fitment is extremely tight, the -10AN "PUMPS" outlet is first split into two -6AN feed lines.

The dual 6AN PTFE lines run parallel under the vehicle and are secured using billet aluminum retainers with OEM hardware.

The dual -6AN PTFE lines run through a serviceable fuel filter that secures using a GT-R specific heat shield.

Depending on the kit selected (-03 or -05), the fuel filter will be assembled with the appropriate elements.

The 2 lines split and are ready to be installed into the 6AN male fittings on the front ports of the fuel rails (not included).

-Fuel Filter (-03 Stainless, -05 Microglass)
-10AN ORB to 10AN Male Low Profile Fitting
-10AN to 6AN Y-Adapter Fittings (x3)
-Fuel Line Retaining Mounts (x5)
-R35 Filter Heat Shield Bracket
-60mm 2-Piece Filter Clamp
-6AN PTFE Fuel Hoses (x4)
-Stainless Steel Hardware

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