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EVQ Labs

EVQ Labs VQDE High Capacity Billet Aluminum Oil Pan

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Drain Plug Style
Turbo Oil Return Port

EVQ Labs VQDE High Capacity Oil Pan

VQDE Engines 

The EVQ Labs premium 6061 grade aluminum high capacity oil pan is the answer to high capacity oil pans available on the market today.  The VQDE has static flow-centric baffling that promotes oil movement to the center of the pan for the oil pump pickup regardless of the driving conditions.  

This high capacity pan holds 2.5 quarts of oil, close to triple what the OEM pan holds.

The walls of the pan are 5/8” thick and the floor is 3/8” thick. The construction is very stout and can withstand road-debris hazards.  

Mounting holes are counter sunk to ensure (included) hex-head hardware is out of the way from road conditions.  Deep grooves were machined into the top to ensure adaquate RTV sealant adhesion between the OEM upper oil pan and the lower oil pan.   

Multiple drain plug styles can be used such as AN 10 / AN 12 style fitting & cap (Included) or a traditional threaded plug.  The drain port can also be left open for your specific needs.

Turbo oil drains ports can be added to the customers specifications.

A 1.5” oil pickup tube extension and hardware are included.   

This pan sits as low as the OEM subframe and care should be taken when driving on damaged or unpredictable roadways.