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EVQ Labs HR & VHR High Flow Intakes

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Engine Bay Style

EVQ Labs HR & VHR High Flow Intakes

Choose Diameter - 2.5" / 2.75" / 3" / 4"

Streamline your intakes with single sections tig welded aluminum tubing that flow more efficiently than Stock.  OEM intakes and intake systems that use excessive couplers tend to heat cycle, crack, and induce vacuum leaks limiting performance and illuminating the Check Engine Light.  

EVQ Labs Intakes collect air from in-front of the radiator giving you the coolest, most oxygen rich intake charge that allows your ecu to advanced timing and thus making more power at redline and more mid-range torque.  

Further gains can be expected when tuned on e85 fuel.  

Typical gains can be expected between 10hp and 55hp depending on tune, fuel type, engine condition, and location. 

2.75", 3", & 4" intakes will require a retune

Some modification will be required

For track use only