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EVQ Build Your Own VQ Header Kit

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EVQ Build Your Owner Header Kit

EVQ has compiled the highest quality components and materials for the enthusiast that wants to fabricate the highest quality exhaust manifold for their VQ.  

This kit comes complete with everything needed to fabricate forward-facing or rear-facing headers.  

Schedule 10 pipe is the highest quality (.11” thick stainless steel) material capable of handling extreme amounts of antilag/2-step/launch.  1.5” Schedule 10 pipe has a 1.68” inside diameter and can flow well into the 8k rpm ranges.  

Weld-els and pipe come polished and ready to weld.  

These kits can be customized further for your build - just message us.  


-Two Stainless Steel VQ Header Flange

-Two 1.5” Schedule 10 (1.9” OD / 1.62” ID) 3-1 Collectors (tack-welded)

-Three Sticks 1.5” Schedule 10 Stainless Steel Pipe (12” each)

-Four 1.5” Schedule 10 Long Radius 90degree Weld-Els

-Two 1.5” Schedule 10 Short Radius 90degree Weld-Els

-Two 1.5” Schedule 10 45degree Weld-Els

-Two 2” Schedule 10 (2.38” OD / 2.16” ID) Stubs (4” each)