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Driven Racing Oil

Driven Racing Engine Assembly Gel

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GP-1 Assembly Gel is a specialized No-Drip formula designed to stay exactly where you apply it. Not a traditional assembly lube nor a grease, it's a unique Gel compounded from Pennsylvania Petroleum.

The GP-1 Assembly Gel has Driven Racing Oil's proprietary zinc and molybdenum additive package contained within the compound for added wear protection at initial startup. Unlike a grease that contains thickeners that compete against the additives, the Gel compound provides better additive response, resulting in better protection during break-in.

Apply a small amount of Driven Assembly Gel to wrist pins, camshafts, valvetrain, timing gears, and bearings to provide protection during assembly and initial start-up. It safely mixes with break-in oil during the critical break-in process. Does not harden or become sticky. For best performance, use DRIVEN Break-In Oil for initial engine run-in.