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Dynosty Pro-Seal VQHR & VHR MLS Head Gaskets

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The Dynosty Pro-Seal headgasket is a must for all high performance VHR and VQHR engine builds!

This MLS head gasket features a stopper ring around the cylinders and is used in all of our high performance VQ engines, proven to over 1000WHP!

96MM Head Gasket is good for stock and .020″ over bored VQ Engines

These MLS multi layered steel head gaskets feature a rubberized coating and a stopper ring to promote maximum seal around the combustion chamber.

We recommend pairing this head gasket with ARP L19 head studs for maximum clamping.  Further, ensure heads have been been machined to better than OEM toleances. 

The Dynosty Pro-Seal VQ35HR / VQ37VHR performance head gasket set contains 2 head gaskets (left and right side)