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Brembo GT 4 Piston Monoblock Brake Kit Rear with 345mm x 28mm 2piece Rotors, Brackets, & Steel Braided Hoses - Yellow (2P1.8023A5)

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Brembo GT 4 Piston Monoblock Brake Kit

345mm x 28mm 2piece Rotor Kit
Caliper Mounting Brackets
Stainless Steel Braided Hoses
High Performance Pads
Front Axle
Yellow Calipers
Available in Drilled or Slotted Rotors
IMPORTANT: Specify OEM Brembo or OEM Nissan Brake Setup

Brembo GT Brake kits are sold in front and rear pairs
Installation time totals 1-1.5 hours per axle (vehicle dependent)
Backed by Brembo’s 2-year warranty 
Designed and tested by Brembo to perform in both track & street driving
Complete brake swap kit - drilled or lotted rotors, aluminum calipers, stainless steel braided brake lines, and hardware.  

Brembo GT Slotted Discs:
– Two-piece floating disc and hat assembly
– Consistent performance with aggressive brake bite
– Reduced glazing with reduced brake fade
– Light weight, less rotational mass and unsprung weight for better overall performance

Brembo Cast Aluminum Calipers:
– Utilize 6 or 4 piston cast aluminum calipers 
– Provide maximum braking force without the flex of sliding calipers
– Multiple caliper color – red, black, yellow, silver, or premium GT-R silver
– Designed to work with the OEM or aftermarket master cylinder and ABS systems

High-Performance Brake Pads:
– Feature FERODO FM1000 friction material for maximum stopping power
– Incorporates anti-rattle feature to eliminate noise and vibration
– Designed for quick and easy pad changes 

High-Performance Brake Lines:
– Braided stainless steel covered PTFE hose form the brake lines with high quality fittings
– Reduced flex for optimal pedal feedback
– Resists abrasion to increase safety
– Pressure-tested to 3k psi, for durable, long lasting, leak-free performance
– Reduces stopping distances and ABS pedal chatter
– DOT-certified and T.U.V approved

Pre-torqued Aircraft-quality Caliper Mounting Brackets:
– Precision-milled from superior quality billet materials to ensure a precise fit
– Anodized for an attractive finish and long life
– Includes all necessary hardware for simple installation

Brembo supplies brakes to the top names in OEM performance vehicles, including Ferrari, Porsche, and the Chevrolet Corvette.

This reputation as gained them a top spot in the aftermarket industry among brake manufactures. Their brakes and components outperform and outlast many others available today, with of the 40 of the 50 best-stopping production cars relying on Brembo brakes.


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