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HKS Camshaft Engine Series ( Nissan 180SX)

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The Pursuit of Maximum Camshaft Efficiency

The concept behind the HKS camshafts was to produce something that the customers would be truly happy with. This sounds simple on the surface but this is something very challenging. When the development team looked carefully at the details, the ultimate conclusion they drew was to look at the core purpose of the cam itself (to smoothly allow air into and out of the combustion chamber) and a good cam would do this job for the maximum efficiency.

HKS requirements for high performance cams.

To smoothly take in air and exhaust, i.e. to make the valve move both in and out with accuracy under any circumstance. Absolute power at high RPM Accelerator Response at low-mid RPM Stable idle

Development possible because of true "In-house" production

When HKS refer to "in-house", it does not simply mean to produce everything with our own facilities. HKS does build from the ground up instead of looking for a guide from the vehicle manufacturers. The design, processing, test and production are all linked together with particular attention, therefore, the testing and redesignings are based on those results. The results of this R&D are then reflected on the final production of the items. All of this is necessary to provide the customer a product which they can be truly feel happy with and to maintain HKS' position as the pioneer in the tuning industry From

"Bolt-on" to Full Tune-up Specifications.

The Right Profile to Extract Maximum Performance from Engine

Variation Line-up


HKS SS-Cam are designed to fit unmodified cylinder heads with stock valve springs to be a simple bolt on cam kit that can give added performance without changing any other parts or the valve timing. By changing cams, cam duration and lift are altered making the ideal valve timing different. HKS SS-Cams have been tested on the engine bench to find the optimum valve timing and the knock pin has been relocated in a modified position to offer perfect valve timing, by simply replacing stock cams with no need for measurement or adjustment.

STEP2 / STEP3 (Pro)

STEP2 Offering more power over SS-Cams through increased lift. However, strengthened valve springs (RB26 also require Piston recess modification and Cam clearance on head) are required.

STEP3 (Pro) Camshafts designed for further power and high rpm use over step 2. The following parts will be necessary for installation: (SR20) HKS Lash Killer Kit, Need to change the strengthened valve springs.

V Camshaft

The camshaft that is compliable for stock consecutive variable valve timing system. It was VALCON plus V CAM KIT Pro, but now Camshaft is available without VALCON unit.


We recommend to use the valve timing with VALCON II to produce the maximum power of the camshaft. By using the variable valve timing, it can be used from the boost-up to turbine change.



 Name CAMSHAFT S1 SR20 256DEG11.5 EX
 Model 180SX
 Product Number 22002-AN024-91-98
 Engine SR20DET


 Name CAMSHAFT S1 SR20 256DEG11.5 IN
 Model 180SX
 Product Number 22002-AN025-91-98
 Engine SR20DET


The new camshaft for PS13, RPS13 is out. The concept is same “the best factory replacement camshaft”. We have developed it with the newest profile design and through comparison test of HKS products and other companies’ products. Experience the HKS power!

As you can see in the graph, for 6000 RPM and above, the output is bigger, so for circuit drive you will have wide range of power band. And when you are driving you can feel the power till rev limit.
By reviewing the profile, we could employ the 11.5mm STEP2 lift to the stock Valve Spring (maximum RPM: stock rev limit)
If you want more than rev limit RPM changing the strengthen Valve Spring will let you have it. (maximum RPM:8000 RPM)
In case there is no NVCS, we have set the valve timing for enough torque for the power at a high RPM. Depending on your need, with slide cam sprocket to adjust valve timing, you can have more control on torque.

Vehicle specification

RPS13, GT-RS turbine, metal head gasket (1.2mm), exhaust manifold, extension, Intercooler (Stype) replacement GT-RS Turbine is normal.

* This data is for camshaft performance comparison data.

* You need computer resetting for the best HKS camshaft performance.

 Name CAMSHAFT S2 SR20 264DEG12.0 EX
 Model 180SX
 Product Number  22002-AN027-91-98
 Engine SR20DET

 Name CAMSHAFT S2 SR20 264DEG12.0 IN
 Model 180SX
 Product Number 22002-AN028-91-98
 Engine SR20DET


In addition to the world's strongest factory replacement STEP 1 camshaft, new STEP 2 & STEP 3 that can have more power and higher RPM are available. We have developed it with the newest profile design and through comparison test of HKS products and other companies’ products. Experience the HKS power!

* STEP 3 is the valve timing change only.

STEP 2 / STEP 3 need more than 450ps and rev limit of 8000rpm/9000rpm engine.
We have developed it with the newest profile design and through comparison test of HKS products and other companies' products.
As you can see the graph of the test result, the performance gets better in 6000rpm to 6500rpm, and by using with a big turbine will have a better results.
* If the turbine size is smaller than the GT3037S, “the world’s strongest factory replacement camshaft STEP 1” has better match.
Please check the separate “The camshaft selection target” for recommendation.


Separate strengthen Valve Spring or head system STEP 2 is required. (rev limit: 8000rpm)

Separate strengthen Valve Spring, Lash Killer Kit, or Head System STEP3 is required. (rev limit: 9000rpm)
The valve timing is set for both power and torque. Please adjust the valve timing with slide sprocket for your needs.

Engine with NVCS, HKS2.2L kit STEP2.
Turbine: GT3037S 56T A/R0.61.
Stock throttle, stock surge tank with engine bench.

 Name CAMSHAFT S2 SR20 272DEG11.5 EX
 Model 180SX
 Product Number 22002-AN030-91-98
 Engine SR20DET


 Name SR20 Rocker-Arm Stopper set
 Model 180SX
 Product Number 2299-RN005-91-98
 Engine SR20DE


4A-G Inner Shim/SR20DE (T) Lash Killer Shim
SHIM ¥1,000/ea

Code No. Shim Thickness (mm)
13755-001158 1.000
13755-003158 1.050
13755-005158 1.100
13755-007158 1.150
13755-009158 1.200
13755-011158 1.250
13755-013158 1.300

Code No. Shim Thickness (mm)
13755-015158 1.350
13755-017158 1.400
13755-019158 1.450
13755-021158 1.500

Code No. Shim Thickness (mm)
13755-027158 1.650
13755-029158 1.700
13755-031158 1.750
13755-033158 1.800
13755-035158 1.850
13755-037158 1.900
13755-039158 1.950
13755-041158 2.000
13755-043158 2.050

Code No. Shim Thickness (mm)
13755-045158 2.100
13755-047158 2.150
13755-049158 2.200
13755-051158 2.250
13755-053158 2.300
13755-055158 2.350
13755-057158 2.400
13755-059158 2.450

Code No. Shim Thickness (mm)
13755-061158 2.500
13755-065158 2.600
13755-067158 2.650
13755-069158 2.700
13755-071158 2.750
13755-073158 2.800
13755-075158 2.850
13755-077158 2.900

Other HKS Products available for any chassis/engine - if you don't see what you’re looking for please message us directly. We shop our competition - if you find a lower comparable price we will match or beat it - message for details! PROPOSITION 65 WARNING: These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information visit  

Led by Hiroyuki Hasegawa, a former engineer for Yamaha Motor Company, and his partner Mr.Kitagawa, the two secured a capital infusion from Sigma Automotive Co., Ltd. (hence the name “HKS ”), and began tuning gasoline powered engines in a dairy-farming shed at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan.  


HKS pioneered the Japanese aftermarket performance industry by delivering a host of exciting new products, including the first commercially available electronic turbo timer and boost controller. Other early products included piggy-back fuel computers and sophisticated fuel management tools. Clearly HKS was Driving Performance trends for Japanese vehicles. 


A year later, Mr. Hasegawa designed and built the first aftermarket turbocharger for passenger cars and has never looked back.