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Setrab USA

Setrab 1-Series ProLine Oil Cooler (multiple row sizes available)

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Setab 1-Series ProLine Oil Coolers

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Setrab ProLine STD range oil coolers are the most flexible high-performance oil coolers on the market. The ProLine STD series integrates low-profile 22mm female ports for adaptability to any system using ProLine adapter fittings.

The stacked-plate style of Setrab's STD range offers the advantage of many height possibilities within the various series' widths. In addition, this technique coupled with state-of-the-art brazing technology makes for a durable, highly-efficient, and beautifully simplistic design that is often imitated but never replicated.

Other Setrab Products available for any chassis/engine - if you dont see what you’re looking for please message us directly.  

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PROPOSITION 65 WARNING: These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information visit