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Boundary Engineering

Boundary Engineering VQDE High Flow Oil Pump Assembly

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Boundary Engineering VQDE High Flow Oil Pump Assembly

Boundary oil pump gears are 100% manufactured in our Dallas, Texas production facility. We start by quenching our chromoly billets from extreme heat and then temper it to tough indestructible core. After machining we apply our ColdFlow surface hardening process and complete it to a Mirror Finish. What does all this give you? It gives you a pump with stability over 9000 RPM, proven in excess of 900whp, with higher efficiency, less friction, and backed by one of the industries best warranty’s.


  • Mirror Finished and Surface Hardened
  • Surface Ground gears for the ultimate in fitment and performance
  • Indestructible core
  • Inner and outer gear set included
  • Unique race inspired gerotor design
  • Symmetrical tooth profile elemenates the gears weak spot making our gear sets indestructible
  • Each set hand, machine, and hardness inspected with Blueprinting Report


  • Nissan Altima (VQDE equipped) 2002-2018
  • Nissan Maxima (VQDE equipped) 2002-UP
  • Nissan 350z 2002-2006
  • Infiniti G35 (VQDE equipped) 2003-2007

Boundary Engineering strives to provide custom, hand built oil pumps to survive the most punishing racing conditions.

Boundary was founded in 2003 and specialized in producing various metal goods for the automotive racing industry. As early as 2004 we began researching and understanding the complexities of manufacturing gear pumps commonly used in the automotive racing industry. In 2005 we launched our first gear products. Since then, we’ve sold thousands of high quality pumps. Our units are proudly used in engines producing up to 550hp/L with nothing but success.

Cutting Edge Technology
Boundary delivers cutting edge technology by using state of the art CNC milling and turning equipment for our products. Our high end, American made machining centers along with expert personnel, provide the accuracy required for inter-meshing gear pumps to function.

American Made
Boundary oil pump assemblies are manufactured in our in house facilities in Dallas, TX. It is this in house capability which gives us the consistency and quality that can’t be had elsewhere.

Increasing Focus
Our company focuses solely on lubrication systems. Unlike other manufacturers who “specialize” in a thousand things we specialize in one. Providing the most high quality lubrication equipment possible for your high performance needs.

Other Boundary Engineering Products available for any chassis/engine - if you dont see what you’re looking for please message us directly.  

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